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Neutral IT consulting

Would you like neutral advice or support in the evaluation phase or in change management of your IT?


We advise agencies and companies on the digitization of their administrative and creative processes, develop future-oriented IT infrastructures and ensure data security.

As external IT consultants, we bring new aspects and ideas into your company, completely unaffected by previous internal company happenings or other experiences. You benefit from our more than 30 years of know-how and can be sure that no data or business information will be treated discretely. We advise you without obligation to a specific manufacturer.

What we propose to our customers works. We are constantly educating ourselves and maintaining internal test environments, where we put constellations through their paces. 


You would like to buy a new Mac or a new iPad, but still have individual questions such as:

  • Which model

  • which configurations or variants  

  • Compatibility with software

  • Data transfer etc.  

We take care of your concerns and advise you so that you can be sure that you are choosing the right device. Satisfied and happy customers are our top priority.

Regardless of whether you buy a device for yourself as a private person or want to update the computer park in your company, we provide competent advice. We ensure future-oriented IT infrastructures and data security.

We value the trust of our customers. We are extremely pleased that many keep coming back to us, often for decades. Providing you with reliable and competent support is what we live for.

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Training & coaching

Are you new to the Mac or iOS environment and need help to work more efficiently?


The Apple operating systems contain some features and settings that enable simple and, above all, very safe work. With on-board tools such as Gatekeeper, FileVault, Firewall or Time Machine, to name just a few, you can encrypt data or increase security. They are really powerful tools that make working on the Internet many times more secure. What has to be bought additionally on Windows, Apple already offers in the operating system.

We would be happy to show you in a coaching session which settings are most efficient when you are on the move.

Are you completely new to macOS or iOS? We carry out professional training for you or your employees.

We look forward to hearing from you what your wishes are.

Internet security

Internet & Sicherheit

Internet speed & security

Fast data exchange, secure internet connection and a protected WLAN are important factors in business as well as in private these days.  


We ensure adequate security precautions that meet your needs. We analyze your existing IT infrastructure, support you in setting up a new IT strategy and, if desired, integrate business continuity management.

Let us advise you. We look forward to exciting challenges in which we can contribute our experience so that your company is state-of-the-art and your most expensive asset, your data, is safe.

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Cloud services

You have several devices and want to use the advantages of Apple iCloud:

  • What should be considered, what options are there?

  • Which settings are necessary?

  • When is Apple's iCloud not suitable?

  • What alternatives to iCloud are there? ​​


Scenario: You are working on a project in a workgroup or in a smaller company with confidential data and want to know how to use it  Exchanging data safely and securely over the Internet.

Private cloud versus public cloud. When does a private cloud make sense? How safe is my data? What should the infrastructure of a private cloud look like? What do I need?


On our website  Cloud Point  learn more about cloud computing. We would be happy to provide you with our know-how. Let us know your request, we look forward to it.

Solutions for virtualization with M1

Do you have a Mac with an Intel processor and need Windows or an older Mac version for your programs?

Until now it was easy to virtualize such a solution with VMWare or Parallels. This is different with the M1 Mac.


If I buy an M1 Mac, all local virtualizations will no longer work. Why is that and what can I do so that I can still work with older operating systems?

We have the solution for you. We would be happy to show you the possibilities in a free consultation.

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Support & Services

Support & Services

Support & maintenance

We solve IT problems on site or via remote access. We carry out repairs on your defective devices in our repair workshop. We will be happy to receive you or you can send us your device.

You have decided to outsource your IT and are looking for a trustworthy technical supporter to maintain your IT infrastructure. Or are you looking for a contact person who will be at your side with daily computer problems and who will advise you? Or is it about computer maintenance? We have an open ear for your concerns. Get in touch with us, we will work out a maintenance concept tailored to your needs and set up a support contract.

Installations & data transfer

You have bought a new Mac or new iPad and would like to take over all the data and programs. Apple offers very good programs for this. So that you can work carefree with your new Mac, we offer you a carefree package. You can then simply continue to work with your Mac or iPad and do not have to worry about the technical stuff.

Your bank suddenly requests a newer version of your operating system. In the system settings you only have the option to upgrade to the latest version, which can mean that versions are skipped. With us you have the opportunity to bring older mac OS versions to your device, which in many cases has the advantage that your Mac works faster.  

Find out more from us, we will advise you which Mac OS version suits your device. 

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iOS & mac OS updates

Apple offers you annual system upgrades and regular updates for the security of your device. When upgrading to a new macOS version or purchasing a computer with the Apple M1 processor, the following scenarios could be an issue:

  • I bought a program that does not support the latest upgrade (incompatibility).

  • I use virtualization for Windows.

  • I have several Macs or iPads from different generations.

  • I'm not sure whether an upgrade will do me any good.

  • Then all my peripheral devices work as before.

We would be happy to advise you and work out the best possible variant.

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