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Giganet with UPC

Experience report of our internet connection at the new location in Wangen near Dübendorf:

In Winterthur we had an expensive internet connection with UPC Business and 32 free IP addresses. (We hosted a large number of servers for companies in our data center) A restructuring made it possible for us to do without all fixed IP addresses.

The building in the industrial district is on the outskirts of the municipality of Wangen. Due to the large distances to Swisscom's main distribution frame, the existing copper lines are not suitable for fast Internet. The connection to the Internet with the Swisscom network is a maximum of 30 Mbit down and 10 Mbit up stream. For a company that communicates heavily via the Internet, actually a "no go".

SIM cards LTE 4G internet routers offer an alternative. A distinction must be made here between 4G and the new 5G standard (which unfortunately is far from being available at all locations). The theory says that with 4G a theoretical 1 Gbit bandwidth would be possible, the emphasis would be on. Unfortunately, the reality is different. With 4G you can only expect a bandwidth of about 100 MBit. In addition, an extra SIM card must be purchased and operated in addition to a mobile phone subscription (depending on the provider, CHF 10 per month) and an optimal location for the Internet router must be selected. (Certainly not in the server room) Our decision against a wireless Internet connection was greatly simplified.

The search continued and the providers' offers were examined. (In the back of our minds, we knew from the landlord that there was a fiber optic connection) On closer inspection, however, the choice very quickly went in favor of UPC. UPC offers 2 offers, 1x a 600MBit offer for 39.- and a 1GBit offer for 59.- per month. (Attention, both offers are limited to a maximum of 2 years). So we contacted the UPC hotline and wanted to place our order via the existing fiber optic network. It was said succinctly: "Well, unfortunately that doesn't work, your offices are not connected to the fiber optic network" Oops, something went wrong, that's right, we didn't even have a cable connection yet.

As a result, the landlord was held accountable and we explained to him that we could not enter into a tenancy with 30 MBit (Swisscom), but the building does have a fiber optic connection from UPC) The landlord only had to submit another connection agreement (PDF) so that another tenant can be switched on at the house switchboard. No sooner said than done, after 1 week UPC confirmed that we as tenants were entitled to be added to the existing fiber optic network.

Of course, the actual connection in our premises was still missing. We commissioned the company Göbel AG in Zurich to pull a cable from the central office into our rental property. The installation company then reported the completion to UPC, which enabled us to take our project to the next level. We were able to order our desired Internet connection from UPC. 2 days later the package from UPC arrived at our office. Now the Connect Box could be unpacked and connected. For the experience of commissioning I refer to the 2nd post "Commissioning our Connect Box"

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