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The change of location (01/01/2021) inspired us to completely redesign the website. The first site ( was still written in HTML code, followed in 2010 with Wordpress ( Updating the content was time-consuming and the corporate design was not easy to implement in Wordpress. We were therefore looking for solutions and came across this Israeli company

The WIX modular system offers pixel-precise placement of elements. This also makes it very easy for laypeople to create a website without much programming knowledge. The creative freedom in the design is really fun - text, images and other elements can be easily animated.

An outstanding feature of WIX are the templates, which offer stylish solutions for almost every industry.

WIX's blog feature is SEO-friendly and posts can be published at a later time.

A very nice feature is the version management. Analog Time Machine from Apple can always be reverted to an older version. Is especially helpful when creating the first homepage.

A very important part in WIX are the integrated marketing tools. Wix offers the possibility of running campaigns, has its own very detailed statistics, which are valuable for evaluating the sending of newsletters.

The website is created and maintained on the computer. WIX makes it very easy to check the mobile phone display. The content is transferred and only needs to be arranged nicely. Really easy and fast.

With WIX, maintaining the homepage is a real pleasure.

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