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The 45W MagSafe  2 Power Adapter comes with a magnetic connector. So if someone stumbles over it, the cable connection simply loosens without your MacBook  Air falls down. This also prevents the cable from wearing out or damaging over time. In addition, the magnetic connector ensures a quick and secure connection to the system.

An LED indicator on the top of the connector lights up when the connection is established. Orange means the device is charging. Green means it is fully charged. A power cord is included with the power supply unit for maximum cable length. The compact wall plug, which is also included, is perfect when traveling.

With its intelligent design, the power supply is practical for on the go, because you can simply wind up the cable and store it easily.

This power supply unit charges the lithium-polymer battery when the system is switched on, switched off or in sleep mode. It also provides power to the device when you are not using it on batteries.

Only compatible with the MacBook Air with MagSafe  2 Mains connection.

Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air

SKU: MD592
Sales Tax Included
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