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Services during operation


The 1st main category shows 12 possible services for your company. In the following we show you topics that should be of interest to you. Do not hesitate, contact us via the contact form, email or just give us a call. We're here to help.

Software Management

Software management

How do I resolve my license agreement. Do you only buy "box" products that are then installed on individual workstations, with each serial number being entered separately, or do you have a license model?

In the latter case, you have a number of purchased licenses available, which are installed on the computers via the license manager. With this model you are flexible. As your company grows, new licenses can be purchased, the serial number of the software remains the same.


Network management

You would like to integrate a Voice-over-IP telephone solution into your existing network, but you don't know what needs to be taken into account. We help you to re-segment your existing network and integrate VLANs so that the voice traffic is separated from the data traffic and we create network documentation.

Wireless Integration

Wireless integration / security

You want to make wireless available for your employees or customers, but you don't know how to set the protection mechanisms. We would be happy to support you. Our server solution offers you simple services that protect your wireless against unauthorized access. You will always receive documentation from us.



What is your internet communication like? Do you still send traditional advertising or mailings or would you like to use and integrate new, already established Internet solutions such as newsletters, forums, blogs or social media?


Internet connection

We analyze your Internet needs and select the most suitable product, support you with the registration, let the provider activate the solution and integrate it into your existing network. You will always receive documentation from us.


Energy / virtualization

Do you have several hardware servers in use to distribute the loads / security. What about the energy costs? Have you considered virtualizing your servers that require a fraction of the energy costs?

We analyze your server situation from an economic and economic point of view and show you the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization with regard to power consumption in the server room.

Virtualisierung Fusion

Client virtualizations

(Virtualizing Windows or macOS)
If you would like to run a Windows client, regardless of whether it is Windows 10 or macOS, we will be happy to support you in selecting the right components and installing your Windows interface. You even have the option of migrating (transporting) your old PC to this virtualization solution, we will show you how to do it and carry out the adjustments.

Virtualisierung ESXi

Virtualizations on VMWare ESXi

You would like to operate your existing or new Windows server in a virtualization. To ensure implementation on an ESXi server from VMWare, some preliminary clarifications are necessary.

Make an appointment, we will be happy to show you possible solutions.


Care of your infrastructure / support

You are looking for trustworthy support and maintenance of your infrastructure. Are you looking for a contact person who will be at your side with your daily computer problems and who will advise you. Or would you like to maintain your computer, then get in touch with us, we will work out a maintenance concept and support contracts tailored to your needs. Concept and offer you individual maintenance contracts.


Evaluation of software business administration

We support you in the evaluation of software. From the needs analysis to the implementation of the software, app or interface. Plan the training of your employees and compile the documentation.


I am up-to-date

Bin ich up-to-date

Is my infrastructure up to date? Aren't there more efficient solutions today that would better support my processes? I step forward courageously and look for improvements, even if it is difficult to let go of old norms. Do I integrate mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone into my company? Is my IT designed in such a way that I can easily integrate these systems? What are the advantages / disadvantages of such systems?

Neutrale IT Beratung

Neutral IT consulting

Would you like neutral advice or support in the evaluation phase of your IT? We have over 30 years of IT know-how, entrepreneurial and business management experience, thanks to our discretion you can be sure that no data or information will be passed on to third parties. We take great care to focus your needs on the essentials and to propose contemporary solutions for your company. We are not characterized by any manufacturer bias, "we don't have to", "we may".

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