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Services organization

The 3rd main category explains 13 possible services during operation. In the following we show you topics that should be of interest to you. Do not hesitate, contact us via the contact form, email or just give us a call. We're here to help.

Bring your own device / BYOD


A very important topic today is when companies pursue the strategy that all your employees are allowed to take their personal device, whether computer, iPad or smartphone, with them into the company and that the IT departments are confronted with the facts of how this device is integrated into the existing one IT can be integrated, many IT managers work in Windows environments and have little or no knowledge of other platforms. There is a wealth of questions that can usually be answered very easily, but not everything is feasible. Every platform has its justification, it is important to recognize its strengths and weaknesses and to use them optimally. That only works with experience and know-how.




Which databases or solutions do you work with? Which requirements are a must? What can my current system do and what it can't. What are the future needs and which market segments do I address in order to remain successful with my business?

A perfectly fitting software promotes the efficiency in the work processes enormously, supports the controlling and thus also the achievement of goals. The status quo is available at any time, and you can intervene immediately if necessary.


Deployment / rollout

You are planning a major investment in computers. A number of computers must therefore be set up and equipped with your software licenses. An IT and rollout concept should be created so that the implementation can be carried out efficiently.

We have experience with up to 1500 computers and know how an optimal rollout can take place. We would be happy to create an IT and rollout concept tailored to your requirements and carry out the deployment.


Internal security

Interne Sicherheit

Have you ever thought about how your own LAN is protected against unauthorized access by your employees or visitors? Do your employees have full access to all data and systems? How are your password rules applied, do you have the same password for several months or are these controlled by a policy so that you can change your own password on your own? How are your sensitive data protected from unauthorized access? Can employees export your customer data from the system and cause damage to your company if the employee leaves? What are the legal aspects of your customer data? Are these protected according to national guidelines, e.g. B. medical practices, law firms, asset managers, banks, insurance companies.

Soziales Netwerk

social network

How do you behave towards the younger generation? Is the communication of these employees included in the company, taking into account the social networks? What marketing measures do we implement so that topics are addressed on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?



How is my system designed so that I can exchange data electronically with my customers or suppliers. E.g. electronic invoices, orders from suppliers.


EC / Postcard payment systems in stores


The standard solution for quick cashless payments at the point of sale impresses with its maximum efficiency - even with high customer frequencies. This is ensured, among other things, by the contactless technology with which the cash register-integrated terminals are equipped as standard. This results in shorter waiting times when paying for the products from your range. You can activate Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Blogs / comments


It is possible that your customers can comment on products or services on your homepage via the Internet. Do employees of your company have the need or the need to comment on matters that might interest your potential customers? Would you like to run your own blog page through this?

Webshop Lösungen

Webshop solutions

Is your web shop solution a self-contained solution and does it only work on a certain system? How proprietary is the solution? Can you easily connect this web shop solution to your ERP / CRM or does this shop cause a lot of effort. What does the performance look like? Are the shop items taken into account in the search engines and which payment systems do you offer?


What does my website look like?

Is your page built in a classic static view or would you like to switch your website to dynamic content so that all different end-user devices can view your content? (iPhone, iPad, Android)


Investment protection

Is your system designed to ensure sustainability for your growth? Both the hardware and the software must be taken into account. You can easily integrate new solutions or projects into your IT without having to make any major adjustments. Where do I stand now and where do I want to be in 5-10 years. What does the corporate strategy look like?


How am I supposed to finance this? Variants?

With careful planning, you can better coordinate current and future IT investments as far as possible. The key question, however, is whether you want to use or own your IT. The latter is certainly meant cynically, but it is intended to show that there are ways of financing the entire IT park, including services, via leasing within a defined period of time. In this way you can use your core competencies better and you no longer have to worry particularly about your IT department. Do you have any questions about financing? We are happy to help, we work with the largest financing institute in the world.


Quality management

Quality certifications such as ISO certifications, the CMS Consultary Management Standard or the IKS internal control system are important measuring instruments for quality standards of companies and serve as an orientation aid for stakeholders. We are experienced project managers and have the formal principles and specialist knowledge to introduce quality standards. Is quality management an issue? Do you want to improve the management structure? Or are you about to introduce quality control? Contact us. We take the reins in hand for you.

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