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Advice & sales for everything to do with Apple

If a new acquisition is imminent, but you do not know which software and hardware you want to use for it. In many cases, detailed investigations are required. Questions arise: What should my network look like? What will my IT look like in 2 years? How many areas and people should work with IT? What is the data security like in my company? Where can I get support from? How high are my maintenance costs, can I reduce them even further without affecting the operational business? How can I optimally integrate the Internet and intranet into my company? A selection of questions for which we work out solutions with our customers. The concepts are tailored to your existing infrastructure. We create IT concepts for you as an integrated operating solution, ask us for a consulting offer.




For the successful operation of your hardware / software, thorough planning before buying is essential. Thanks to our many years of experience in the Apple area, we can show you all the relevant mechanisms and consequences that the new acquisition / update has. Adjustments or strategy changes after the introduction of your IT is sometimes associated with a great deal of effort or sometimes no longer possible at all. e.g. DEP from Apple.

DEP (Device Enrollment Program)

For management with, for example, the DEP (Device Enrollment Program) from Apple, it is imperative to incorporate the rollout concept and the maintenance strategy into your purchasing decisions before purchasing. Subsequent integration of Macs without DEP is no longer possible.

SAI or internet connection

Another point is your connection to the Internet (speed, security), the SAI ( Schools on the Internet) from Swisscom, for example, only offers a minimal bandwidth.

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Do you need help with your digital introduction in schools / authorities or companies? Would you like to control and manage your Macintosh computers or iPads with an MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

School / Business Manager

You are not familiar with the tools from Apple such as Schoolmanager or Business Manager?




Have you recently bought a computer or software and are now waiting to install the app you want, or there are problems with the email, router, printer or scanner. We're here to help.

Do you need help for your digital introduction in schools / authorities or companies, would you like to control and manage your Macintosh computers or iPads with an MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

You are not familiar with Apple's tools such as Schoolmanager or Business Manager



After sales

Has your Mac slowed down? Are you running out of space on your SSD or hard drive? Do you need help integrating new hardware? We're here to help.

Would you like to reinstall macOS on your Macintosh computer or upgrade your Mac to a newer macOS so that all security patches work again?

Certain programs require minimum requirements for macOS, we will be happy to help you with these adjustments.

Preventive maintenance


Service level agreement

If you have several devices, whether Macintosh computers, iPads, servers, or even Windows computers, and are looking for an IT partner who can keep your devices in good condition, do not hesitate to contact us.

Lifecycle management

Lifecycle Management

Life cycles of the IT infrastructure

All components of an IT infrastructure have to be managed during their entire life cycle. The quality of the assets, the quality of the services and, above all, a satisfactory lifecycle have a major influence on the performance, the results and the efficiency of the business processes. The term mutual added value is used to focus on the satisfaction of the contractor and client. It is clear that the products supplied, such as services, hardware and software, and licenses must meet the desired life cycle. The smoothest possible function must also be guaranteed, and last but not least, the contractor must not lose sight of the commercial side. Asset lifecycle management is therefore one of the most important administrative tasks for IT management.

ICT assessment

ICT Assessment

IST analysis of your IT infrastructure

Your SME uses different IT solutions, new processes and security aspects make the management of your IT environment more and more demanding and the demands of employees on modern solutions are increasing. It is high time to determine your current position - as a basis for optimally aligning your IT to the future.

Private cloud

Private Cloud

For selected users

The private cloud is defined as cloud computing services that are not made available to the general public, but only to selected users via the Internet or a private internal network. Private cloud computing, also known as internal or corporate cloud, provides companies with many of the advantages of a public cloud - e.g. self-service, scalability and elasticity - while at the same time there are additional control and adjustment options that are available with the help of dedicated resources a locally hosted computing infrastructure can be made available. In addition, private clouds offer a high level of security and data protection through corporate firewalls and internal hosting; this ensures that third-party providers do not gain access to processes and confidential data

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